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RC-101B 3-Slot Industrial PC Chassis

RC-101B 3-Slot Industrial PC Chassis


Industrial Chassis: For standalone, wallmount or rackmount

Backplane for ISA Bus or PCI-ISA Bus

Expansion slot: 2 x PCI or 1 x PCI + 1 x ISA slots

Drive Space: One internal 2.5" HDD space

Indicator LED: Three pieces

External I/O Holes: One COM and one parallel ports

Operating Altitude: 15,000 feet

Operating Humidity: 5~95%; non-condensing

Power Supply: 70W providing +5V@3.5A, +12V@4A, -12V@0.3A

Power Supply Efficiency: Over 72%

Operating Temperature: 0~50°C

Storage Temperature: 0~70°C

Fan: One 5cm anfd one 8cm DC12V, ball bearing

Dimension: 10"x 8" x 3.48"

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