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Established in 1990, ACI Technology specializes in industrial panel PCs, Human Machine Interface (HMI) products, stain-less steel panel PCs, embedded box PCs, rugged box PCs, and rack-mount PC systems for enterprise, control industrial, Smart Factory, Kiosk/POS system, Food & Beverage Automation, Internet  of Things (IOT)  and other related applications.

For over 30 years, ACI Technology has remained committed to delivering a total system solution for its customers' computing needs. All products are meticulously checked to ensure that they are made in accordance with industrial standards.

As the largest distributor of APLEX Technology in eastern region of USA, ACI Technology has office, assembly, and warehouse locations in Massachusetts. Over the years, ACI Technology has earned a reputation for providing rugged and reliable Industrial PC Systems that are used for major applications in Factory Automation, Office Automation, Networking, and the Internet industries.

Manufacturer (

APLEX Technology Inc. was founded in 2004 and has successfully registered at Over-The -Counter in Taiwan in 2017 (TPEX:6570). The company offers a variety of competitive solutions for system integration clients or applications including embedded computer platforms, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), industrial displays, and other related products. Standardized products, customized products or OEM/ODM project services are all available to meet customers' specific needs. The products cover applications from transportation, power, environmental monitoring, telecommunications, communications, medicine, factory automation etc.

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