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Bridge the Machine to Enable IIoT

Smart factories such as lights-out factory are becoming a trend that many are attempting to achieve. It not only saves production costs significantly, but it also decrease human errors with automation’s precision and communication abilities. There are multitudes of industrial applications that require different types of automations. In order to effectively operate the whole factory, controller is definitely much needed to control the operation.

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Layers of Automation Control in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 solutions often cover multiple layers of a smart factory’s infrastructure from SCADA/HMI, IIoT monitor control, to H2M and remote data collection. These applications require strong communication for machines to communicate with each other without much latency. It also needs to be able to support different kinds of industrial applications in order to control the automation for better efficiency.

IIoT Communication Capability

Effective controller needs to have great performance in order to provide powerful processing ability to process various kinds of operations. It also needs to be able to analyze data to instantly make decision to take workloads off of central control. It needs to be capable of execute operations with extraordinary precision such as robotic arm control.One of the most important aspects of industry 4.0 is the IIoT capability. It should support multiple mainstream communication protocols and wireless connection. Enabling IIoT in manufacture allows no gap between machine/device and able to optimize productivity.

ACI Solution

ACI presents multiple solutions that include HMI, panel PC, and box PC. Our HMI ARCHMI, FABS, and ARMPAC series offers controllability for many different types of industrial applications. They are capable of enable IIoT communication and provide a wide variety of wireless communication methods. All of them feature rugged design that can be operated under wide range temperature to withstand different harsh environments. Our HMI, panel PC, and box PC are able to serve as effective automation equipment controller and offer excellent connectivity for effective communication.



APLEX PC Based New Generation Low Power

Consumption HMI/Innovating Fast, Bay Trail Solution

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