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Leading Your Factory into Industry 4.0

Factory automation is going through a rapid change and advances in technical aspect to improve productivity. Procedures will see increase in efficiency and reliability for high quality output. Manual operation intervention setting will become lessen and will take place in terms of lower cost, improved quality, increased flexibility in operation as many manufacturers are looking for opportunities to upgrade their businesses to industry 4.0.

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Requirements to Enter Industry 4.0

Factory automation control often deemed as one of the important aspects of industry 4.0. IoT, real-time monitoring, data collection, and AI abilities are required as they are the essential parts to Industry 4.0. IoT provides the ability that allows vertical and horizontal communications between automation equipment. Real-time monitoring, Data collection, and AI are also functions that are required to enter Industry 4.0. HMI offers data transparency and accessibility to integrate these functions to serves as factory automation controller.

Implementing Effective HMI Solution

A powerful HMI is crucial because it simplifies operation procedures and stabilizes operation to increase productivity and decrease errors. A good HMI not only requires great connectivity that supports many kinds of communication methods, but it also needs a wide range of expansion options to apply on different factory automation applications from simple production tasks, product monitoring, to intelligent automation control to ensure system and production procedure functions properly. Moreover, rugged design that supports wide range of temperature, extraordinary performance and reliability are required in order to operate in factory automation.

ACI Solution

ACI provides complete HMI solution – ARCHMI series. ARCHMI series is powered by Intel Celeron N2930/N3350, Pentium N4200, 4th/6th/7th Gen Core processors. It features rugged design with aluminum die-casting chassis that can protect against impact. It can operate in a wide range of temperature to increase reliability in different industrial environments. It provides a wide range of communication options including 3G/4G LTE/Wi-Fi/BT/GPS/RFID/NFC/PoE to have extraordinary IIoT connection. It also comes with great expansibility with supports of optional expansion I/O board, TB-528 series, for easy configurations. ARCHMI series also offers optional smart battery module that serves as UPS to protect both the data and device. ARCHMI series is able to achieve data transparency and automation control for you to effectively manage the factory automation equipment and optimize operations for you to upgrade your factory into industry 4.0.



Freescale i.MX6 DualLite ARM Cortex A9 HMI Series

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