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Complete Factory Automation Surveillance Solution

Manufacturers’ demand for industry 4.0 solutions has been growing immensely in order to keep up with stable production output. Robotics is going to replace human labor with little human errors and much precision, but not without the concern of equipment’s longevity as machine will decay if without careful maintenance. There are many factors that could cause machine malfunctioning and these factors are often invisible problems that are difficult to identify with human’s limited vision. Therefore, having a factory automation system is essential to quick problem assessment. In order to successfully implement factory automation surveillance system, a few requirements need to be met.

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Significance of Factory Automation Surveillance

The challenges of integrating smart industry solutions for factory automation surveillance system are tough as it needs to be able to perform supervisory control and data acquisition to process and analyze data. The system needs to be able to precisely figure out concealed issues amongst automation equipment quickly can increase equipment’s longevity and reliability. Therefore, equipping the factory with powerful industrial PC can carry the performance demanding automation surveillance tasks.

Factory Automation Surveillance requirements

An effective factory automation surveillance system needs to possess strong scalability to scale industrial control and factory automation from large data collection, signal control to surveillance security system etc. It will need excellent connectivity, rich I/O interface and expansion options to handle many types of industrial applications. It will also need to have strong performance to handle the equipment surveillance tasks.

ACI Solution

ACI presents ViPAC series to take control of your factory automation management. ViPAC consists of 8 and 9 series. ViPAC-9 series has fan design and 8 series has fanless design. ViPAC series is powered Intel 6th/7th Gen. Core and Celeron N2930 processors. It has display size available from 15”/15.6”/17”/21.5”. Its modular design provides rich expansion options and I/O interfaces with 2 expansion slots available for many kinds of industrial applications and excellent connectivity to enable IIoT communication. ViPAC series features rugged design with aluminum die-casting front bezel with IP66 protection support. It has projected capacitive touch/resistive touch screen/AR Glass touch screen options available. ViPAC series will provide you the complete factory control and automation surveillance solutions.



Intel 6th Gen. Core i3/i5, Fanless Industrial Compact Size

Panel PC

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