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Accurate, Precise, Efficient Machine Vision Solution

Inspection and defect detection are irreplaceable procedures and serve as quality assurance in manufactures. It is one of the automated optical inspection (AOI for short) tasks. AOI solutions are being implemented more because of the powerful performance and efficiency it brings to productivity. It often generates heavy workload computing and image processing workloads in order to precisely detect defects. With the era of Industry 4.0 present, challenges for machine vision system becomes far more difficult to overcome.


Machine vision and industry 4.0

AOI application is substantial to smart factory’s infrastructure. It needs to be able to perform IoT, cloud computing, AI machine learning, deep learning etc. The vision system needs to capable of data analytics with high volume of visual data to successfully identify defects efficiently with no errors. However, this procedure produce huge work load and the machine vision system need to be powerful enough to be compatible with these technologies.

Overcoming the challenges

AOI is a performance demanding process and requires reliable and powerful hardware. It will need to achieve a few things:
- High computing power and processor performance to satisfy the high processing demands and provide reliability/compatibility
- GPU support to meet the heavy duty visual processing requirements.
- Multiple camera supports with rich I/O and expansion options to satisfy different kinds of industrial applications

ACI Solution

ACI provides complete machine vision solutions, AVS series, from entry to advanced level. AVS-3 series provides good entry level machine vision performance. It is powered by Intel Celeron J1900. It supports lighting control and motion control channels that allow machine to provide basic inspection tasks. Its compact size and fanless design allow space saving. It substantially reduces human error and improves productivity. AVS-5/6 series offers high-end level machine vision performance. AVS-5 series is powered by Intel 7th Gen. Core processors, and AVS-6 series is powered by Intel Xeon processors. Its rugged design provides durability. It supports DIN rail and wall mount to install in various locations. The expansion and add-on cards provide great versatility to take on different industrial applications. AVS-5/6 series is able to provide stability and compatibility for AI/ML based platform to run steadily. It supports PCIe x16 slot for add-on GPU graphic card to allow heavy duty tasks that can meet with most industrial application demands, offering great image processing performance and reliability in industrial applications such as fault detection.

It has up to 4 x PCIe expansion slots to support multiple camera expansion (PoE/GigE/USB3.0) that can take on many kinds of applications.



Intel Celeron J1900 Processor Machine Vision Application


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